About Cochin

TechWyse International is located in the beautiful eastern sea city of Cochin, India. With the growing population of 600,000 people Cochin has been referred to as an industrializing city.

Culturally the city boasts an immense amount of diversity as it has been called the melting pot of India. Cultures from across the world settle into this beautiful metropolis both for its optimal location and its career opportunity.

Cochin is widely regarded as one of the best IT cities in India as it has been ranked in the top 2, either first or second in the prestigious NASSCOM survey over the last couple of years. The city is home to some of India’s best programmers and web designers all looking to take the next step forward.

TechWyse International is located in the heart of the city with an impressive facility featuring all the amenities. If you are interested in any of our on going dealings or would simply like to come in and see what we are all about, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated employees would love to answer all of your questions and send you on your way to understanding the latest in web development.