IT Outsourcing

  • 5+ Years Experience in Design, Programming
    Marketing & Data Entry
  • Dedicated employment from $600 /month
  • Flexible month to month employment
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Information Technology Staffing
  • 5+ Years Experience in Design
    Programming, Marketing & Data Entry
  • Dedicated employment from
    $600 /month
  • Flexible month to month
Offshore Application Development India
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Solutions Architecting
  • Development using PHP or .NET
Data Entry Service
  • Order Processing
  • Typing Tasks
  • Data Mining
Offshore Company Facility
  • 4000 square feet
  • 60+ member development team and growing!
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No, our business with you is completely transparent. We exist to serve your project needs. All work is then handed over to our client which we can brand any way requested. TechWyse International is completely dedicated to our client base.
The answer couldn’t be any further from the opposite; TechWyse International features a world class facility that would be right in line with the conditions seen in Western Culture. Our staff work together as a tight knit group of passionate professionals. They love what they do! TechWyse International represents the new era in the global economy of IT. We are a partnership that relies on a mixture of the talent pool found in Cochin and the reasonable prices we are able to offer.
At TechWyse International the first language spoken at the office is English. We understand the distance between us and our clients and focus on English fluency as a major factor in hiring. Once a project is scoped or your needs are assessed, communication are primarily done using online messenging and our project management software.
At TechWyse we provide our clients with a single point of contact to ensure that your web development projects running smoothly. We stress the importance of strong relationships with our clients, building not only your websites but also partnership that we hope will last for years.

Offshore Staffing

TechWyse International has a state of art facility located in Kerala, India
Full time employees work 8 hours per day (not including 2- 15 min tea breaks), while part time employees work 4 hours per day (not including a 15 tea break.)
Your employee will report to work on a daily basis during regular daytime Indian office hours. (GMT +5:30) For those in the Eastern Standard time zone this means that they will begin work at approximately 12am your time. Depending on your service level you can between full days or half days. The benefit of using these times is that you can decide throughout your day what type of work needs to be done and then usually have it completed by the following day!
All of our developers are available by Instant Messaging and email. This provides a real time way to communicate requirements of ongoing projects.
All TechWyse International employees work on Pentium 4 machines. Designers work on 19” Viewsonic Flat Panel Widescreens. We use the latest software for design including Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Depending on your needs, some of our developers use Flash as well.
Since we require time to setup your new employee and have them become accustomed to your projects and details there is a 3 month minimum commitment.
TechWyse offers different types of developers with varying needs:
  • Web Designers – JR, INT, SR
  • Web Programmers – JR, INT, SR
  • PHP
  • .NET
Every effort is made to match your individual needs with the perfect employee. The following items, however, are not available through our general employment agreement.
For Web Designers:
  • Print work
  • Customer support
  • Extra cost of images
  • Content writing
  • Web programming
  • Server/system administration
  • Project management
For Web Programmers:
  • Web design or graphics work
  • Any programming other than the one specified (you can choose between ASP.NET and PHP)
  • Customer support
  • Extra cost of images
  • Content writing
  • Server/system administration
  • Project Management

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