IT Outsourcing

  • 5+ Years Experience in Design, Programming
    Marketing & Data Entry
  • Dedicated employment from $600 /month
  • Flexible month to month employment
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Information Technology Staffing
  • 5+ Years Experience in Design
    Programming, Marketing & Data Entry
  • Dedicated employment from
    $600 /month
  • Flexible month to month
Offshore Application Development India
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Solutions Architecting
  • Development using PHP or .NET
Data Entry Service
  • Order Processing
  • Typing Tasks
  • Data Mining
Offshore Company Facility
  • 4000 square feet
  • 60+ member development team and growing!
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Client Testimonials

The Offshore Model Works!

Offshore Business We have been using the offshore staffing model with TechWyse International now for several months. At first the service seemed too good to be true. The costs associated with having a full time, dedicated developer were so competitive that I was unclear of the level of technical sophistication I would receive. The dedicated web designer that I work with directly is proficient at daily tasks and communication. The model available to me also allows my business to scale up and take on much larger projects with less overhead then I would be able to take on otherwise. If you are considering trying the offshore model, I would recommend trying it for a few months and see how it works for you. That was the direction I took and I am thrilled with the results.

Wilf Barnes

Custom Website Development Responsive!

My little practice was flourishing! We had great activity from around the community and were clearly on our way to prominence in our small market. The problem was we were not getting back the ROI that we had put into our website. It was simply not wielding the results that we were paying for. We had no traffic, out of dated designs and a web company that would rarely even return our calls. It simply wasn’t working.

When we switched to TechWyse International in the winter of 2006 we had no idea of the impact it would have on our business. Much to our surprise we saw some immediate results. They instantly analyzed our web problems explaining the weaknesses in our internet campaigns including the lack of weakness of our graphic interface, our rankings, accessibility and information.

TechWyse revamped our entire website from soup to nuts! Our new sleek designs and accessible ranking website allowed us to move forward with our plans for the Web. Our traffic exploded and all the sudden our little successful practice had boomed expanding to the next level.

At this point we couldn’t imagine not taking the next step with TechWyse International. From their initial account set up to their continual communicative accessibility TechWyse International worked for us and continues to be a driven force in growing our practice.

Dr. Brian Huggins

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